School Improvement Plan

2020-2021 School Improvement Team
Abu Zaeem - Admin
Nicole Shamberger - Admin
Sylvester Hairston - Admin 
Kim Britt - Admin
Derek Kelly - Chair  
Stacy Ellison - 6th grade rep 
Joan Makerson - 7th grade rep 
Courtney Woodberry -8th grade rep 
Cathryn Hitzigrath - 
Cynthia Shoaf - Media 
Johnie Holloway - Counseling 
Shannon Lindegren - Parent 

Dates for the meetings are: 12/9, 1/14, 1/11, 2/8, 3/8, 4/12, 5/10.
(During virtual learning, meetings will be held on the Friday after the scheduled date). 

To access the School Improvement Plan please click the link to the Indistar site:

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