School & Principal of the Year

School & Principal of the Year

The principal of the year award was given to Sean Gaillard of Lexington Middle School. The principal of the year award is voted on by the principals, staff and the district administrative team. Lexington Middle School was also chosen as the school of the year.

Gaillard was recognized for creating programs to support students and staff, such as the “Celebrate Monday” program, his leadership which has decreased the staff turnover rate, and community involvement which culminated in a new staff kitchen donated to the school.

Gaillard said he was shocked to receive the award because he has always felt like his success was a team effort. He said he gives thanks every day to God, his family and for his staff.

“I am speechless,” Gaillard said. “It is not about me, it is about (the teachers) and the 754 students that we serve and support every day. … There are so many folks in this room that have embraced me, the guy who spent so much time in the (office) in sixth, seventh and eighth grade that I was offered an early internship as a principal.”

He said that he believes teachers have the ability to make a powerful impact on students and should appreciate that what they do is important.

“One word can make a difference,” Gaillard said. “We don’t know the power that we have, the positivity we can bring. We can make a difference. It is a hard job that we have; it is a great job we have. It is a noble profession and you are all heroes.”

Taken from The Dispatch article written by Sharon Myers.  
Photo credits: Donnie Roberts