6th Grade Parent Letter

6th Grade Parent Letter
Posted on 04/18/2019

April 18, 2019

Dear LMS 6th Grade Parents/Guardians,

Your child has been enrolled in Imagine Math. What is Imagine Math? Imagine Math is an online math tutoring program that personalizes student learning (including Spanish-speaking teachers). Imagine Math is proven to increase math proficiency when students use Imagine Math 2 to 3 times each week or approximately 90 minutes each week. We have been working on using this online academic support for Math during the entire school year.

We want to provide additional support for your child as we prepare for the North Carolina Math 6 End-of-Grade Achievement Test.

Your child has been assigned one or more series of lessons to complete during Spring Break. These lessons are aligned to our state’s learning objectives. Each student is to complete two lessons a day. Below you will find the web address as well as the site code for your child to login. Each student has been provided with a username and password. If students do not have access to a computer, then they will been given assignments on paper to complete and return to school.

Web Address:  https://lms.thinkthroughmath.com

 Student Site Code


Thank you for your support!

6th Grade Teacher Team